How will your subscription work?

  • Each month you will receive four issues delivered to your door with free P&P.
  • Each issue costs £9.99, with the exception of issue 1 at £2.99 and issue 2 at £6.99.
  • As part of your subscription benefits, one of your issues in your first delivery will be FREE and you will also receive 4 FREE gifts during the course of your collection.

How Partworks Work

  1. Click subscribe to select your subscription package.
  2. You’ll receive your first delivery within a month containing your free issue and your free keyring.
  3. From then on you’ll receive another delivery each month containing 4 magazines at £9.99 each.
  4. You’ll receive your free binder in your 3rd delivery, plus 2 more fantastic gifts to come.
  5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your collection!

Subscriber Benefits

  • Free postage & packaging
  • Subscribe now pay later
  • Cancel any time
  • Never miss an issue
  • Exclusive free gifts
  • Manage your account online

Subscribe today to get one FREE issue PLUS fantastic FREE gifts

When you subscribe, get 4 issues a month with the next set of parts to continue your incredible build, plus receive 4 fantastic free gifts and a free issue. Hurry, this offer is only valid when you start with issues 1, 2, 3 or 4!

Free issue

With your 1st delivery
* Your free issue will differ depending on your starting issue

Chocolate frog keyring

With your 1st delivery

Binders & dividers

With your 3rd delivery

Travelcard holder

With your 5th delivery

Tin poster

With your 7th delivery

Want More?

You can set the scene around your completed Hogwarts Express model with this incredible Platform Nine and Three-Quarters for just £1 extra per issue!

Just £1 extra per issue!

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